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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Events (Walks and Runs to end Breast Cancer) in AZ......and more

    Event Details

    Welcome to 2014 Walk for Hope in Phoenix!

    Walk for Hope Event Details

    Join on Sunday, October 5, 2014, for the 18th annual Walk for Hope in Phoenix and help City of Hope fight breast cancer. The fun, family-friendly event will feature a 5K route through The Phoenix Zoo, music, a victory breakfast for our top fundraisers and much more.


    6:00 a.m. - Check-in opens

    7:30 a.m. - Walk begins

    Event Check-in

    Event check-in and the start and finish lines are located in the parking lot of The Phoenix Zoo at 455 N. Galvin Pkwy. in Phoenix.


    Free parking is available at The Phoenix Zoo.


    Officially registered Walk participants will receive re-entry into The Phoenix Zoo immediately following the Walk on Sunday, October 5.

    Team T-shirts — NEW PROCESS FOR 2014

    Your fundraising efforts will provide the fuel for science aimed at preventing and curing breast cancer. To reward you, participants who raise $50 or more (by Friday, October 3rd at noon) will receive a special 2014 Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer T-shirt.

    For any questions regarding Walk for Hope T-shirts, please email [email protected] or call 602-340-8871.

    No Pets Allowed

    Our route is entirely within the gates of The Phoenix Zoo. We remind you to leave your pets at home to respect the “No Pets” policy of The Phoenix Zoo.

    In addition to a special 2014 Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer T-shirt for participants who raise $50 or more (by Friday, October 3 at noon), participants who raise $100 or more (by Friday, October 3 at noon) are invited to join us immediately following the Walk at The Phoenix Zoo’s Stone House Pavilion to enjoy a VIP breakfast.

    Design Your Sign!

    It's time to get creative. We encourage all of you to create a team sign, poster or banner that you can bring with you to Walk for Hope. Team signs are a a great way to express the reasons your team is walking to cure breast cancer. Please note that balloons are not allowed within the zoo.

    General Reminders

    Prepare for warm weather! Don't forget sunscreen, hats and comfortable shoes.

    Bring your camera! Share your pictures with when you “LIKE” City of Hope Phoenix on Facebook or email them to [email protected] Your picture could be featured on website.


    The Walk for Hope team is here to support your efforts. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or ideas. Thank you for walking on the journey to a cure.

    General Walk for Hope Inquiries

    City of Hope Phoenix Staff

    By phone: 602-340-8871 or 800-732-7309

    By email: [email protected]

    Breast Cancer Event Details

    22nd Annual Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure

    Sunday October 12th, 2014

    Cesar Chavez Plaza

    The Race is on! We've been racing for 22 years, and will continue until we end breast cancer forever!

    NEW Race Site at Cesar Chavez Plaza in Downtown Phoenix & Competitve Timing available for all Race Day events!


    WHAT: The Susan G. Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure® is the signature fundraising and awareness event for Komen® Central and Northern Arizona (Komen CAN AZ). Help save lives and end breast cancer forever.

    Experience the new Race site and Race course at Cesar Chavez Plaza in downtown Phoenix, with great parking & lots of nearby activities for everyone to enjoy after the Race.

    Komen CAN AZ also welcomes back competitive timing for all Race Day Events, just register as a Timed Adult, Youth, or Breast Cancer Survivor to receive an official time.

    Komen CAN Arizona invites you (and your friends and family) to participate in this critical fundraising event. To register, visit http://www.komenCANAZ.org and click on the Race link under the events tab.

    WHEN: Sunday, October 12, 2014 6:45 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


    6:45am – Race Site Opens

    7:35am – 1 Mile Walk/Run

    8:05am – Breast Cancer Survivor's 5K Run

    8:20am – 5K Run

    8:40am – 5K Walk

    10:00am –Survivor Ceremony Starts/ Race Awards Announced


    Cesar Chavez Plaza in Downtown Phoenix

    201 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ, 85003

    Start Line: 4th Ave. & Washington

    Finish Line: West of 4th Ave. & Jefferson

    Race Course Cert Number: AZJI4007JOE


    Online Registration Deadlines

    Teams: September 28, 5:00 p.m.

    Individuals; October 10, noon

    Mail-In Registration Deadlines (postmark by)

    Teams: September 29

    Individuals: October 1

    CONTACT: Email raceforthecure(at)komenCANaz(dot)org or call 602-346-CURE (2873)

    ABOUT: Susan G. Komen Central and Northern Arizona (Komen CAN AZ) is one of 120 Affiliates around the world dedicated to combating breast cancer at every front. Its service area encompasses all of central and northern Arizona, including Apache, Coconino, Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo, Pinal and Yavapai counties. Through events like the Susan G. Komen Phoenix Race for the Cure®, the Affiliate has invested more than $25.4 million in local breast health and breast cancer awareness projects in central and northern Arizona, and breast cancer research. Join by calling 602-544-CURE (2873) or visit online at http://www.komenCANaz.org. Connect on Facebook and Twitter.

    Making Strides of Phoenix

    Date: Saturday, October 25, 2014

    Event Time: 7 am registration I 8 am walk

    Walk Length: 3 miles

    Location: Tempe Beach Park 80 W Rio Salado Pkwy

    Tempe, AZ 85281

    Contact Us: Coleen McKinstry | [email protected] | (602) 952-7521

    Making Strides

    7 am – Registration Opens

    Stop by the registration tent to turn in money and register yourself or your team.

    Making Strides

    8 am – Walk Begins

    This year’s non-competitive, walk begins promptly at 8 am. Be sure your team gathers at the start-line prior to the walk start time.

    Making Strides

    For the Survivors

    Visit the Survivor tent for a celebration!

    Click on this link to Visit this website for more information

    The thought of hearing or knowing about anyone who may have died of or may be living with on today or may have ever had Breast Cancer but thanks to God they are a survivor, is a sensitive and extremely soft spot that will forever live deep in my heart.

    Our Beautiful Head Strong Sister, Sherry Lois Wooden, who is the Oldest of the 6 Wooden Sisters, passed away a day after Thanksgiving in the month of Novermber year 2010. She lived with the challenge of fighting Breast Cancer for over 3 years before finally loosing the battle against the kind of Cancer that can become an extremely unpredictable and terrible disease. Although Sherry put up a powerful fight against the disease while experiencing some good days and some not so good days during her fight she passed away. Sherry will forever be loved and greatly missed, but her joyful life we will forever cherish and always reflect back on in our very precious and unforgettable memories of her.

    Try to Support at least one of the above listed Breast Cancer Awareness Events in AZ, for those of you who live near by and are available to do so. Those of you who live in other cities in AZ that may be distances away or in other States try to give your support whenever an event takes place near you.

    There are so many different ways that you can give your support towards such a worthy cause as these.


    Thanks much for stopping by and for reading this shared BLOG. RYM-TYM Loves and Appreciates YOU! LIVE in PEACE, SHOW YOUR LOVE, BE LOVABLE, BE LOVING, BE KIND, BE RESPECTFUL and BE CONSIDERATE to ALL OTHERS. AT LEAST TRY TO PUT FORTH AN CONSCIOUS EFFORT. AND SO WILL I. SHOW AND GIVE OUT UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!!! HOPEFULLY YOU ARE JUST AS INSPIRED AND ENCOURAGED AS I AM ON TODAY. Love to continuously Inspire, uplift, inform, enlighten and encourage you. I love to love you!

    Don't forget to tune in to OH! RADIO SHOW's next live broadcast which airs live on Thursday October 9, 2014 at 7:30p.m. - 8:00p.m. (standard mountain time). BE SURE THAT YOU TUNE IN AND TELL ALL OTHERS TO DO THE SAME, THANKS MUCH.

    OH! RADIO SHOW GREATLY APPRECIATES YOUR FAITHFUL SUPPORT AND YOUR MUCH NEEDED PATIENCE. I am a person that does puts the action behind anything that I desire and are destined to do. Needed this extended time to focus on some extremely important first priority things. Plus I am a perfectionist which could be bad at times and good depending on how obsessive you are in wanting things to be flawless, without any errors. Working on changing that into being a little less of a perfectionist. Allowing your flaws and short comings to show sometimes is not the end of your world.

    I said to God now you know that I am still today and have always been a very private person. Doing RYM-TYM and OH Radio Show will reveal little by little more of who I am as a person and will bring to light some things that I consider should be kept private and silent about life and experiences.

    God reminded me that he created me to be who I uniquely am and that life and it's experiences helped mold and shape me (created a thicker and more protective ready for battle layered skin) into becoming the unique me that has been greatly enhanced and equipped on the inside with all given to share with the world, to share in so many different ways. As T.D. Jakes said in one of his sermons on RYM-TYMs video page, God trust me to effectively do. T.D. Jakes also mentioned that the him on the inside is so much powerful than the him that shows up on the outside. He stated that when he studies his sermons (speak them instinctively) or do anything instinctively that his real outward actions didn't compare to being just as powerful as the person that he heard speaking inwardly (instinctively) or doing things inwardly (instinctively). I can no doubt relate to what T.D. Jakes said and I am sure that you all can too. We may have praticed speaking or doing whatever at times in private. When the time comes to truly do whatever or speak whatever It no doubt came out in a superb way, but because we compare it to our instinctive selves we may come down too hard on ourselves becoming our number 1 and worst critics, therefore becoming a perfectionist at heart and this is not necessarily intentionally done. You have all that is needed inside of you to successfully do what you instinctively know that you are suppose to be doing, now the key to believing and then carrying it out is not to allow yourself to be in total comparison or intimidated by your perfect inner (instinctual) self, no matter what.

    In other words what I interpreted out of the above stated, is that you first instinctively spoke it and accomplished it, then that real you tries to copy what you have instinctively already done or have already instinctively spoken. If you are not careful you can end up being intimidated by or feeling inferior to your inner instinctual self in a low manner. Your instincts are powerfully connected to the divine power of our Almighty God who is our Creator and also to your purpose and destiny, which is why we should always follow, be wisely lead by or carbon copy our instinctual self. That inner being is always speaking out to us. When it gets trapped deep on the inside of us it shouts out to be heard. We are very powerful human beings created by the most powerful GOD that could ever exist and be in this universe. In the midst of mothering, nuturing, encouraging, inspiring, redeeming, loving, revolutionizing, growing, transforming, repairing, accepting, greatly believing, receiving, creating, realizing, cultivating or preparing, educating, prioritizing, organizing, eliminating, achieving and increasing. Being your true you is all you can do. Unique, there is nobody like you. An original, no copy. Even identical twins may have their own individual identity and uniqueness that is different from the other. Just like there is nobody like our GOD Creator of the Universe. You are Destined to be You. Born for Greater. YOU INSTINCTIVELY JUST KNOW. NO MORE QUESTIONING, NO MORE DOUBTING, NO MORE RESISTING, NO MORE HESITATING, NO MORE DENYING.

    I remember there were times when I would drop my daughter off at school, before driving away on certain days I would tell her to call me if there will not be any after school programs or if an after school event was cancelled, for the reason being that a teacher or staff member might be absent from school or for whatever the reason. I would always be correct, on that particular day I would just know before leaving the school. I remember this particular time when I dropped my son and his friends off at the movie theatre. After he and his friends exited the vehicle, I hesitated before driving away. I drove away slowing then turned back around. When I did my son and his friends were looking to see if they could catch up with me. My son had left his bank card in his pant pocket in the trunk of the car. He thought he had it, but found out that he didn't have it in his wallet when it was time to pay for the movie. My daughter Joy is 14 and my son Jerry Jr. is 19. Love, love, love love love love love them both. (These two teenagers of mine are indeed an exceedingly great joy to have in my life and are also a hand full to handle with many demands. They are so use to having my undivided attention even with having their own portion of independence and their portion of privacy in which they put a demand on - which I have no problem giving them, which is both a part of earning, developing or maturing and growing into gaining more and more of as time and life go by). Another time would be when going car shopping I would know which dealer to go to to purchase a vehicle. While going car shopping, of course I always did my research homework before leaving home. When I didn't do my research homework which was very seldom, I could feel or sense a certain presence or vibe, which made me know right away if this was the right place to go. There are so many other things that I could share about how I followed my instincts and how I was always correct. Major distractions could hinder your instincts. I am very thankful for following or obeying my instincts whenever I do, because it saves me a lot of time and trouble because I can become an extremely impatient person, unintentionally and sometimes unaware at the particular moment at first. Working on maintaining my patience for an extended period of time, at least for now. Taking medium steps towards improving self. I am almost there, very close to being perfect, (lol).

    Thanks again very much for sticking with me, for believing in me and for helping to keep me greatly encouraged. I greatly appreciate your faithful support and needed patience. ONCE AGAIN I WILL SAY THAT FAITHFUL SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU HELP GIVE ME THAT EXTRA HARD FORWARD PUSH WHICH AT TIMES MAY BE NEEDED. I THANK YOU FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY HEART. FEELS SO GOOD TO BE SUPPORTED, APPRECIATED AND LOVED IN RETURN. Would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment after reading my blogs wherever comments are allowed and can be submitted and permitted.

    NEWS FLASH....................RYM-TYM has had over 1000 visitors in less than a months time. I am on my way to fulfilling my destiny and purpose which is encouraging, loving, inspiring, influencing and being an effective blessing to a MASSIVE amount of PEOPLE. But this is just one way of reaching and being an effective blessing to a multitude. FAITHFULNESS WILL ALWAYS PAYS OFF BIG. GETTING REAL CLOSE TO REACHING MILLIONS. Who do you think you are? Ms. BIG STUFF (remember to respond with these exact words whenever someone dare to ask).



    UNCONDITIONAL LOVE INFLUENCE....click on this link to read 1 CORINTHIANS 13

    Martha (RYM-TYM Creator/Host)

    Smile God LOVES YOU and I-I-I-I do too!


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