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    I have been trying to follow the news about the Parkland, Florida High School shooting, but it has not been the most easiest thing for me to read and view the news videos. It is still so very emotional for me to read the information and to watch and listen to the news videos. Even when I think about this, it stirs sensitive emotions. I think about my children and what if it were them going through this tragic ordeal. My thoughts, my love and my prayers will continue to be for the families of the students and teachers who lost their lives during this tragic shooting. I can still feel the panic and the fear, OH MY GOD!

    Teachers need to be greatly appreciated more and more each day. Teachers have to put up with a lot from students and students parents who may try to create a hard job for the teachers for whatever the reasons may be. Teachers will do whatever it takes to protect our children when it comes down to it and can end up loosing their lives in a quick thinking moment of helping to protect our children. Again, OH MY GOD!

    I would like to make a correction in regards to the photos with weapons in which the shooter posted on a social media website. On last year a couple of months before the end of 2017 someone did report the photo viewings and the death threat comments in which the shooter posted on the social media website to the FBI, but the FBI did not take the investigation any further then they now have realized that they should have done at the time. The FBI stated that they were not provided with enough information at the time in 2017 when someone did make an effort to try to give them a heads up that this young man was on the verge of preparing to do something of a violent manner. I believe that if more of the people that viewed and liked this young man's photos of him holding weapons and of him making death threats on his social media page, would have reported what they witnessed to the FBI or police then maybe the FBI would have started and completed a thorough investigation that could have maybe prevented this tragic event, which could have helped save many innocent lives. The brave people that would have decided to come forward in speaking up and out in allowing themselves to get involved and demanding at the time in 2017 that the FBI conduct a thorough investigation when signs and warnings were revealed publicly by the young man, could have been recognized as Heroes. I do understand that there are some people who do not want to get involved with some situations because of fear for their safety. There are some people who are just satisfied with being in their own little world or little bubble which makes them feel safe, they feel at peace, they feel secure and they feel comfortable enough to live their lives without any major distractions from others, so I guess they mind their own business or do not get involved with other people outside of their families and their loved ones until it hits home. There are some people who only deal with situations when it does hit home or when it is only dearest to them. There are some people who have so much going on in their own personal lives that they don't have time. There are some people who just do not care to get involved. There are some people who just do not care at all about others. And there are some people who do not want to or care to be the one who makes a great difference or impact in the lives of others who may truly need it. This young mans life could have been saved also, but now his life will never ever be the same never ever again because of what he did. Could this have been prevented or stopped long before it even started?

    More information will be revealed as the police and FBI investigate more and more thoroughly and deeply into the life of this young man.

    Also to share a little more about the shooter and his life, both his parents have died, his mom died more recent. He was adopted and was having a hard time coping with the things that have been occurring in his life. Which is all sad. His adopted parents were doing the best that they knew how to help him get through some of the overwhelming challenges and hardships that he was experiencing. They did not know that he purchased weapons and had them in their home. Nor did they know about what he posted on the social media website. So the adopted parents had no clue that this young man would result to this??? Some parents are actually afraid of their children, even though this young man was adopted. It was reported by a neighbor that the police had been to their home several times in the recent past. So the adopted parents had no clue that this young man would result to this??? One of the survivng students that attended the Parkland, Florida High School stated "how can an 18 year old be legally allowed to purchase guns, but can not legally drink at that age". Which this does make sense once you give it a litte thought, if laws are going to be passed in regards to one not being legally allowed to do certain things until a certain age, how about making sure that whatever laws are passed, it all makes sense to pass such a law based on everything being weighed and thought out in a much better way using great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. How about needing several co-signers or several proven and reliable character witnesses when it comes to anyone purchasing any thing and how about taking away the right to bear arms from everyone in the United States of America. How about passing this law in all the states and cities in the U.S. Voice your peaceful, non-violent and wise say in regards to this on-going violent matter. What are the successful wise resolutions to this deadly on-going problem that we continue to face in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave???? The home of the safe..........Do you have any peaceful, non-violent and wise resolutions??? Do not wait until something of this magnitude hits home to finally get involved, because this is what seems to be happening. Let your voice be heard in helping to find resolutions to this on-going violent matter, YES more than one resolution may be needed.

    More information will be revealed as the police and FBI investigate more and more thoroughly and deeply into the life of this young man.

    I have 2 young adult chilren, My 22 year old son (he will be 23 years old on July 24th of this year) is out of high school and is attending college again soon in this month and my 17 year old daughter (she will be 18 years old on February 20th of this year) is in her last year of high school, preparing to go away to college in August of this year of 2018. I have to pray to GOD for their on-going life success and for their daily safety and I must believe that GOD will and has answered my prayers and that He will indeed protect and cover them both or I will have lost my mind worrying. I am so very serious. My parents had 13 children and I only have 2. Both of my parents are still in their right wise and wonderful mindsets. My siblings and I are not all the same, we are all very different and at times hard headed or head strong, stubborn and a bit on the crazy side (lol....sometimes). I am glad that I only have 2 although I wanted 4 at first altogether, but glad that I was given a chance to have 2 very beautiful, smart, intelligent, gorgeous, talented, unique, at times stubborn, at times too outspoken, at times hard headed or head strong, ingenuis, loving, caring, confident, spoiled, peaceful, ambitious and so very amazing children. So very glad that they are mine, but I had to share them to GOD also. I HAVE TO PRAY FOR MY SAFETY ALSO AND BELIEVE THAT I AM PROTECTED AND COVERED DAILY. Of course we can't be involved in doing anything stupid to get ourselves and others into bad, violent and crazy situations. In other words we have to try to make wise decisions daily for the well being of ourselves and others. Not everything can be prevented and is under our control, but there are some things that can be.

    Thank you so very much for visiting, viewing and for reading. Thank you so very much for your on-going support. I greatly appreciate it much.

    Remember to focus on 1st Corinthians 13th chapter which beautifully explains what and how Unconditional LOVE should be expressed and represented.

    Martha Wooden - RYM-TYM host/creator

    leaving you in peace and with much love to you,


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