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  • Have a Merry Christmas in 2017 and a Safe and Happy 2018 New Year!!!!

    Stay Happy and Joyful, Forever Unconditionally Loving, Overflowing in Peace and Abundantly Blessed in this New Year of 2018!!!!


    Hi Everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was Unforgettable. I cooked for my family. We had Green Been Casserole, Dressing, Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatos and Gravy, Ham/Turkey, Sweet Potato Pie, Blueberry Pie and Cake Varieties. Yes we had all of that and Yes I ate left overs for so many days after Thanksgiving, I did. I probably gained double digit weight. That food was veeee-ry delicious, good cooking and good eating Martha!

    For Christmas I will cook in a non traditional way, which is something that I have been doing since my children reached there late teenage years. Also I would order gift goodies for my kids and have them separatedly delivered a day before Christmas Eve to our home with their names on them. They would enjoy eating their goodies and compare what each other discovered the other had. And What about those Christmas shaped cookies, I haven't made those in a while for my kids. My mom used to make those cookies for us for Christmas, decorating them beautifully but not beautiful enough to not eat them all up. We would be so wowed by them then quickly eat them all up, so many great child hood memories. My mom would make homemade vanilla icecream also. She would make the icecream in the summer time and during the holidays, so very yummy. Everybody loved my mom's homemade vanilla icecream. I made homemade icecream for my kids, which turned out to be so memorable, special and delicious for them to experience. My daughter Joy always loved to help me make cake, cookies, homemade pizza and some other things when she was younger. Christmas growing up as a child in our home while living in Chicago, Illinois, wasn't about just receiving gifts, but it was about Family, love, being thankful and very grateful, joy and peace. My parents were Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus all year round and not with gift pampering, but by just being 2 of the greatest parents in the world every day, every year all year round non-stop. At one time for many years I thought my parents were perfect, but I had to realize that they are human beings and they can make mistakes also, even though they don't at times think that they may have. Yes they can also be stubborn and filled with much pride at times, but still so very amazing. I shared a lot of the memories I had as a child with my children and also created so many of our very own wonderful, amazing, so very unforgettable and forever cherishable, fun loving memories.

    Children grow up so very fast, so be very sure to cherish every moment with them through out their growth spurt as well as through out their life. I guess I will have to patiently wait for grandchildren, not rushing it, but I can not wait to have little Joy's and little Jerry's to love and spoil rotten. I informed my children that they will never ever be able to keep me out of their childrens lives. Although Joy has already told me that she will not have any kids at all and my son who is Joy's big brother Jerry Jr., doesn't say anything about having kids. He just says, "ahhh mom" whenever I mention my future grandchildren. Although I can not wait, I am not rushing them. They need to find and get to know themselves first, get well established in life and then be at the right place at the right time to have met their soul mate. I would have to approve, because I would know when they truly know that they have met the one.

    Hopefully you are continuing to pray for my dad. He is not as well. Although he is a very strong person and a fighter. He allows nothing to bring him down. What a man! I will have to make my way to Chicago soon to visit with him, hopefully I will be able to at least stay for about 2 weeks. Trying to make arrangements on exactly when. Never ready for him to leave this world although he can not live forever here on earth. When I talked to my mom she sound concerned and a bit overwhelmed. On Wednesday I was feeling extra tired and my body was aching in which I knew that I was feeling this way because I was experiencing feeling what someone else I knew was feeling. This is something that happens to me in which I do not like, but can't control. The next day I felt much better and then gave my mom a call.

    My parents are very Amazing people but are not perfect. I can not imagine how they felt when they lost my 2 siblings, my oldest sister Sherry to breast cancer and one of my younger brothers Matthew to a heart attack. I haven't gotten over their deaths, so I can not imagine my parents feelings towards this. When my sister passed away a day after Thanksgiving Day some years ago, before I got the call from my other big sister that my sister passed away, my big sister Sherry appeared to me and was standing up in front of me saying to me, "Martha you have to go to Chicago, because they need you they need your help because they do not know what they are doing". I did not understand exactly what she meant, but I was happy to see her whole and as her self. She was talking to me just as she herself talks moves her hands and head while talking, was just being herself. Not sure if I still have quite understood what she meant, but the moment I arrived to Chicago for her funeral I was helping out with the obituary, services, program and all other things. I created my sister Sherry's obituary, organized the services for the funeral and layed out a sample program and I also did the same for my brother Matthew when he passed away. I have had to live with my self hoping that my sister Sherry wasn't telling me that I needed to move back to Chicago permanently because I was needed, because I have realized since I have been living here in Arizona that a lot has changed with my family and my parents church. Sometimes I do feel that if I would have stayed maybe things would have turned out different in a much better way. Not saying that my parents haven't been okay, but trying to say that me alone, I was a true blessing while being there, physically in action. Sometimes I do tend to over think some things. My family mean so much to me and forever will. Hopefully I can make the arrangements needed to get to my dad soon to visit with him.

    On December 9, 2017 my daughter Joy Monay Perez had an opportunity to participate in the 5th Annual Glendale Hometown Christmas Parade in Glendale, AZ along with her schools Marching Band. My sweetie is in Marching Band at her school and she is also on the Basketball team. Although the Marching Band season is over, she chose to participate in the Basketball event on that day instead, because she did not want to hear backlash from her basketball coach. Although I was like, "but Joy this is your last year at Thunderbird High School and your last fun event with the Marching Band". Unfornately, her basketball coach won, putting the pressure on my baby girl. I did not appreciate that, because this young lady is very committed and dedicated to everything that she gets involved in.

    And FYI: Do not forget to attend Glendale Glitters this Holiday Season. Wonderful Events, food and Holiday decors. The day after Thanksgiving Holiday Events were fantastico!!!

    Address: N 58th Ave & W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

    And make sure that you visit Zoo-Lights Event at the Phoenix Zoo. Wonderful Holiday Decors!!!

    Address: 455 North Galvin Parkway Phoenix, Arizona 85008

    Maybe I will see you here or there.......

    Will share more with you later in another Blog Talk. I have lots more to share. Thanks for visiting this website and for your faithful support.

    Again, Stay Happy and Joyful, Forever Unconditionally Loving, Overflowing in Peace and Abundantly Blessed in this New Year of 2018!!!! Enjoy your feasting!!!

    Martha Wooden

    RYM-TYM and OH, Radio Show Creator and Host

    Much love to you ALL!!!

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