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    Hello Everyone, hope all is well with you! I know that it has been a while since you have heard from me. There is of course so much that I can share with you. Just being me over and over and over again, at home with my family, at work and any where else I may go or be.

    My daughter Joy Monay Perez is a senior in high school now. She has been a very busy young lady since she has been in school, especially during her entire high school years. Going away to college on next year in the fall, so i have to make adjustments for that. So very proud of this young lady. A natural born leader. I am still trying to keep up with her. And oh my does she keep me busy along with my job. She is busy the entire school year and also in the summer with summer camps that she attends, which only gives her the last 2 weeks of summer break, which is when she actually get to experience or be on her summer break. She gets to go to other parts of Arizona and to other places outside of Arizona every year. So very grateful for the teachers, coaches and mentors that have been placed in her life. She went on prom last school year in her junior year and of course she's going on her senior prom this school year, in which I am so looking forward to. We already know what university she is going to along with other great news. This girl is so organized when it comes to her homework, her involvement in everything. She auditions and trys to be involved in everything, but it is impossible because some things always end up overlapping the other. She can't be in two places at the same time nor is she a machine. But with God's help this young lady keeps it together and is very devoted, is so amazing and is a very outgoing young lady, not afraid to go after and excel in whatever she does. She is very competitive and also a team player. I have to see her off to college on next year, which will be easy and not so easy, but very exciting and something that I am looking forward to doing and will be very proud to do. She could have graduated on last year but she did not want to, so I did not force her to. Excellent grades since being in school from pre-school up to now. She always loved going to school and has not lost that love. So very proud of her. Since this is her last year in high school I am trying to plan some special things with her before she leaves, but i have to try to fit my special plans somewhere in between all of the things that she has going on, GOD HELP ME!! I need a personal assistant or someone to manage some things for Us, like seriously.

    My son calls me momma bear. At first I did not understand why, I guess because sometimes I can be a little slow at figuring some things out, I honestly can admit. He's complimenting me in a very excellent way, in which I greatly appreciate. At least he isn't calling me a stalker mom or whatever else, because I am not that. My children are my joy and my first priority and have always been since before they were born and they will always be. I love seeing my children grow into their own unique selves, I can not stand seeing them not feeling free to be themselves (in respectful ways of course ) at all times no matter who they are around and no matter where they are at. I am one of those moms that would talk about anything with my kids and I make sure that they understand loud and clear that they can feel comfortable and free to come to me to talk to me about anything. They are still learning to what degree they can share with mom no matter what it is and no matter what they think or believe moms reaction may be. I came from a very strict religious back ground but I did not want very strict or should I say the same type of strictness for my children, because children will try to sneak around and lie about what is really going on with them or in their minds. I am a strict mom when it is very important to be and when it comes to certain things that children may try to slip pass you or try to get away with. I do pay close attention to my children no matter how busy I may get with other things. I asked them questions on top of questions when I feel the need to do so and I expect them to respond, although sometimes they hesitate to. I love my children so very much, they are my ray of sunshine. Everything I do and every decision I make revolves around them. I do not know how to be a selfish mom. I have to see them through their life journey and I will as long as I am living here on this earth. I will continue to teach and assist them whenever and where ever truly needed, encourage them, motivate them, support them, love them and let them go and grow into their own unique selves, learning how to live a great life in a not always fair and even at times hateful and chaotic world, but so very beautifully created by GOD for us to greatly love, enjoy and live in peace among and with each other. Know who you are and be just that in a respectful way, love on you and be confident in you with out needing validation or approval from anyone else.

    I always have so much to share. But I have to stop right here for now. Will share more with you again soon. Thank you for reading and for visiting this inspirational website. Although I have not shared anything on my blog nor have I changed any of the videos and other things on this website in a while my view count has tremendously increased and it continues to day. Much thanks to you all of my contiuous visitors for being faithful and much thanks to the new visitors. You all are greatly appreciated, much thanks for your support. Love you all very much.

    I will continue to share.........I will meet you here again, but until next time, I leave you in peace.

    Martha Wooden

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