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    Hello there everyone!!!! I hope that you are having a very safe, well, prosperous, productive, unconditionally loving, caring, peaceful, happy and enjoyable NEW Year so far!!

    I hope that your Valentine's Day was everything that you dreamed that it would be for you as well as for your love ones. Hopefully you spent this special day with the person that you were destined to be with in this life overly filled with everything that is true love. I received some very beautiful red roses from the love in my life.........given to me by my handsome thoughtful loving son, Jerry Vernardo Perez Jr.

    Black History is this month of February 2019. I will try to post some things on this site before this month is finished in regards to Black History, so be sure to return to view the new postings, if I get the chance to post.

    Today is my beautiful smart intelligent energized funny healthy determined daughters BIRTHDAY. February 20, 2000 is when this young lady who is named Joy Monay Perez, was born. She was born at 12:31am in the morning at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center located in Chcago, IL This was known as one of the best Hospitals located in Chicago, IL at the time, hopefully it still is considered the best. THIS VERY DAY AND EVERY SWEATING PAINFUL MOMENT UNTIL SHE ARRIVED WAS AND WILL FORVER BE ONE OF THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. THIS WORLD HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE AND NEITHER HAS MY LIFE. NOR HAVE THE LIVES OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE TRULY ALLOWED THEMSELVES TO GET TO KNOW THIS YOUNG LADY, BEEN THE SAME AFTER COMING IN CONTACT WITH HER. This young lady has continued to make me the proudest Mom in the world. I love her so very much and I miss her because she is away in Flagstaff, Arizona, she started her freshmen year majoring in computer engineering with a 4 year scholarship. This young lady tutored some of her classmates while attending Thurnderbird High School for 4 years before graduating. She played basketball since she was about 5 years old with her mom, her brother and with her dad. She voluntarily taught an after school music class at an elementary school while attending Thunderbird High School. She was given and played her first musical instruments when she was about 3 years old, it was a mini size acoustic guitar and a small size drum set. After this experience a musical genius was born. Joy's favorite instrument to play are the drums, but she also knows how to play the acoustic guitar, the base guitar and the trombone. She was self taught and also musical talent was inherited and is an inborn talent for her. After attending Thurnderbird High School she joined the marching band, the jazz band and the school orchestra where she learned how to read music. Her marching band and jazz band played at various schools and events and the bands also participated in band competitions in which they would always come in top place. Joy's band teacher would send Joy out to other music try outs and would have her participating in plays and musical events at the high school and at his church. Joy Monay Perez was the only lead drummer girl at Thunderbird High School and was the very best at what she loved. While attending middle school Joy, her best friend and some of her other musically talented classmates started their own band which consist of Joy being the drummer, one of her classmates being the lead guitar player and one of her classmates being the bass guritar player. Joy and her band played like professionals no joke. One school year while attending their middle school during the school talent show Joy and her band performed. Joy was the MC for the talent show introducing all of the other students who participated, who did an amazing job while all performing. Joy and her band performed last and was introduced by their after school music teacher. Their music teacher performed with Joy and her band playing the keyboard and Joy's best friends dad performed with Joy and her band also playing another lead guitar. When there teacher introduced them he stated that he saved the very best perfomance for last. Oh by the way I almost forgot that one of the students who performed with Joy and her band was the lead singer during their musical performance. OMG when I tell you that when this group performed it sounded as if we had attending a live professional concert. They play about 3 or 4 songs and they rocked the school, brought the school down. OMG I recorded the entire performance but on Joys best friends fathers cell phone. so no I did not get the live video recording from him and I am not sure if he still has it......he probably does. I need to find out and get a copy......OMG what a performance!!!! I called there band a rock band but not hard rock. Joy was a beast on those drums...OMG....I am not over exagerating nor am I kidding. When I talked to the music teacher who was the marching band and jazz band music teacher at Thunderbird to get her in the marching band in her freshman year while at Thunderbird High School I informed him that Joy started her own band and was a drummer, but could not read music. Although marching band tryouts had already started and was over during the summer before school started he was going to let Joy in the marching band her freshman year, but instead Joy decided to wait for the next year tryouts and instead only participated in Jazz Band her freshman year, but during Joy's freshman year while in Jazz Band Joy had the opportunity to prove herself and Oh boy didn't she. Joy learned how to read music at a speed rate during her freshman year while in Jazz Band and her music teacher could not wait to get her in marching band for the next school year. I love it when teachers motivate encourage and acknowledge the talent of a student who truly deserves it. Joy is a hard worker at everything that she does. She does her very best. Joy kept the other drummers who were boys in line and in order while in the marching band especially. Joy is now in the Band at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. She had an opportunity to meet the band teacher from NAU because he would come to help Thunderbird High School out and also Thunderbird High School marching band and Jazz band would attend and participate in a music event that was held at NAU in Flagstaff, AZ over the weekend, so Joy and her band mates would stay the weekend in the dorm rooms at NAU during the musical events. No how awesome was that. During the beginning Jazz concerts in which Joy's teacher would have at Thunderbird High Schoo, Joy would play the drums and would always be given a solo. Her teacher would introduce her before the musical performance and would be talking to me while on stage during the concert while introducing her discussing the conversation that he and i had at the beginning of the school year in regards to Joys musical experience and why he should give her a chance to participate in marching band. It was embarrassing, hilarious and I felt honored all at the same time when he would do this. One time when he did it I invited some people that I associate with to one of her concerts and because I can be a very proud mom and a big show off at times I loved it when he did it especially when they were there and not because I had something to prove to others but because i wanted to put my daughters music talents on display and on that day her teacher so happened to add his amazement of how talented she is on display. Now Thunderbird High School is majority while students attending and her marching band and Jazz band teacher is white, so imagine he and I talking out lout back and forth about my daugter while he is on stage in front of everyone who is in the audience. Most of the parents and teachers acknowledged how talented and sweet kind loving and well mannered my daughter is especially more and more as the years went by. I can go on and on talking about my daughters musical talents and musical experiences.

    Now back to discussing Joy's basketball talent. She played on her first basketball team when she was in 3rd grade which was an all boys team and yes this young lady at that young age in her life gave those little fellows a run for their lives while on the court. She played club basketball year round especially in the summer and school basketball. She attended summer basketball camps, she played in Arizona and outside of the state of Arizona. Joy Monay Perez played on her schools basketball team from elementary school to middle school to high school. Joy was asked by her basketball coach to help coach basketball summer camp at Thunderbird High School after she graduated and so she did during the first summer after she graduated from Thunderbird and she received her full paycheck from the board of education at the beginning of the summer camp and she will be returning every year as long as she is welcomed and is not busy. She also worked her first other paying job at McDonalds that summer on 67th and Peoria Ave, she too busy and booked to fit a job into her schedule before. She have the opportunity to continue to work at Mcdonalds whenever she comes home for the weekend for holidays, during her winter break in which she did work for the entire month that she was in Phoenix, AZ, spring and summer breaks if she want to work during these time periods. (Although she worked almost everyday during the time that she was here in Phoenix, AZ for her winter break, I enjoyed having her at home, whenever we got the chance to we laughed and talked. She is so demanding, I guess she is somewhat like me her beautiful sweet loving caring mom....lol...although she has her very own unique personality, way of being and doing. She had better appreciate and adore me very much because she demanded that I go to NAU in Flagstaff, AZ to pick her up to bring her home to Phoenix, AZ

    for her winter break on Thursday December 13, 2018. She had completed her finals and had to be out of her dorm room by that Friday December 14, 2018 by 9 am. So I had to leave on Thursday after I got off work which wasn't until about 5pm. I didn't start on my way to Flagstaff, AZ until about 6pm and after traveling in the dark and through the mountains doing about 80 miles per hour or more in my Jeep Patriot I finally arrived in Flagstaff, AZ at her dorm room at around 7:50pm. When I arrived it was very cold there. She loaded some of her things into the car that she wanted to bring home, which is why she wanted me to come to pick her up other than that she would have taken the shuttle bus back to Phoenix, AZ with her friend, but I didn't mind going to get her, I love road trips and the ride is therapuetic for me and although it was pitch black outside after a while of traveling to Flagstaff I love the scenery, driving through the mountains is so beautiful sometimes a bit scary when driving at night but I would do it over and over and over again at any time, day or night especially for my baby girl). I didn't have to take her back to Flagstaff when it was time for her to return after her winter break, she instead rode back with her best friend because her best friend was taking her car to school for the first time and her family trailed her which I was very glad, because I do not believe that anyone else can drive as safe and great as I can, seriously. Although my daughter Joy did let me know one time when I picked her up from Flagstaff, AZ and started on our way back to Phoenix, AZ that she was a little afraid while sitting in the back seat watching her movie, because she stated that I was driving very fast in the outside lane where there are no rails....I laughed at her and stated to her that she see that we did make it home safe and whole. When I picked her up for winter break we got back home at around 10pm....I had to get up at 5am on that Friday morning to go back to work, so I was in a hurry to get there and return back to Phoenix on that night, although I told myself that I will take my time going and coming because I was driving through the mountains at night, but I could not help myself, instead I drove 80mph or more most of the drive, watching out for the state troopers or whoever they are on those rodes, if I could see them lurking in the dark. When my son was away in school at University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ, whenever he wanted to come home for the weekend I would leave after work on a Friday to go pick him up......I would love the drive there and back although I would be very sleepy while driving and that drive was 2 hours there and 2 hours back to Phoenix, AZ also. As their parent I would do whatever my children demands or wants, just as long as it is within reason and just as long as I can. I support them all the way just as long as they are doing positive things, but I try not to judge them if I notice that they are trying to figure their lives out and may make a few mistakes in which I am hoping that they are choosing to learn from and make the necessary corrections that may be needed. I am always here for them both whenever and however they may need me to be even while I am working a demanding job, I can handle 2 demanding children. I was created to be a powerful independant strong sensitive compassionate stubborn caring loving and wise woman and mother. I was uniquely created to be so many wonderful beautiful things to my children as well as to so many people who I cross paths with. A force to be reckonded with at times, but I love who I have been uniquely created to be and have grown to become.......man I love me so very much. I have truly gotten to know myself and learning more and more about who I am and all that I am capable of doing and becoming. I am still working on myself, my stubborness can be great for me (can work for me) and it can work against me at times. I most definitely inherited being very stubborn from both of my parents especially from my dad. Sometimes when I later think about what I may had said or done, I have to just laugh at myself and say to myself OMG Martha. I have discovered that although both of my children have their own identities and their very own unique personalities, they do have some of my wonderful amazing attributes, they have the same attributes of mine that I would have wanted them to have....lol. Anyway I love my 2 children and I would truly do anything for them both.

    During Joys last school year I received serveral phone calls from basketball scouts trying to get Joy to attend their University to play basketball. Joy did not want to continue to play basketball while attending college, but instead she decided to continue pursuing and using her musical talents. I put no pressure on her, but now I think that I should have talked her into or encouraged her to play college basketball. She attends all of the girls basketball games and other sporting events. She stated that the girls baskeball team sucks and I stated that if she would have played she would have helped make them better and she informed me that some of her classmates told her this and also her dad told her this, in which we all know is nothing but the truth. Well I want her to concentrate more on school and her completing the highest education level. I cut the Joy's basketball talent and experiences short because I am tired of typing, but of course there is more to say and I could go on and on and on. But I would say this that this young lady played soccer, ran track and play flag football in which all she worked hard and show that she could do anything that she put her mind and physical abilities to do. She wanted to continue to play soccer in high school but it over lapped her basketball time and musical times. As far as track once Joy started developing into a young lady she did not want to wear that tight or too little track uniform anymore. (if she knew that I said this about her she would be looking for my password to delete this information herself.

    One more thing I am not a nosy parent, I do give my children their privacy and I do allow them to make their own decisions but I also try to give them some important things to think about first. But anyway do not judge me nor categorize me as a nosy parent, but who cares if you do, I sure do not! Anyway one day I needed to use my daughters cell phone to make a call because my cell phone service was transitioning to a new phone service which left me without a cell phone for a couple of days because someone in customer service did not know what they were doing, which made me very irritated. But anyway when I used her cell phone i peeked at her text messages, yes I did, because this was my chance...lol....and I could not resist the temptation that had me under a spell of obiedience. Again, Anyway when I looked at her text messages I almost cried......I was so very proud of my daughter and how she communicated with others. She communicated like a mature person, her words were chosen carefully intelligently and she spoke with wisdom understanding and with love and much care. Students would text her asking her for help with their school work mostly math work. She would also having regular converservations with friends and at the end of her last high school year, some of the students would let her know how much they will miss her after she graduate and she would respond so wonderfully. Maybe I was getting very emotional because my baby girl was growing all the way up and these text messages just reminded me that she is no longer my little girl and that if I was not already doing this daily that I am going to need to stop talking to her as if she was my little girl because the world or should I say those who truly know her sees her differently. So I started watching how I talk to her meaning talk to her as a mother to a young lady instead of to my baby girl. I found out that I do have a little tendency to hover over my children, I would say only a tiny bit of hovering, I only have two children, my son and daughter, now I sort of wish I had at least 2 more children. But I will still not say that I am a nosy mother although i peeked at my sons messages on his ipad one day, I am only a curious mom and I sometimes need to know what type of conversations they are having and who are they conversating with or associating themselves with. Not all the time but I sometimes would like to know. I do not care about what you are saying, unless you are in agreement with me.






    RYM-TYM Creator and Host

    Leaving you with much UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PEACE and JOY!!!!

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