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    I have been trying to follow the news about the Parkland, Florida High School shooting, but it has not been the most easiest thing for me to read and view the news videos. It is still so very emotional for me to read the information and to watch and listen to the news videos. Even when I think about this, it stirs sensitive emotions. I think about my children and what if it were them going through this tragic ordeal. My thoughts, my love and my prayers will continue to be for the families of the students and teachers who lost their lives during this tragic shooting. I can still feel the panic and the fear, OH MY GOD!

    Teachers need to be greatly appreciated more and more each day. Teachers have to put up with a lot from students and students parents who may try to create a hard job for the teachers for whatever the reasons may be. Teachers will do whatever it takes to protect our children when it comes down to it and can end up loosing their lives in a quick thinking moment of helping to protect our children. Again, OH MY GOD!

    I would like to make a correction in regards to the photos with weapons in which the shooter posted on a social media website. On last year a couple of months before the end of 2017 someone did report the photo viewings and the death threat comments in which the shooter posted on the social media website to the FBI, but the FBI did not take the investigation any further then they now have realized that they should have done at the time. The FBI stated that they were not provided with enough information at the time in 2017 when someone did make an effort to try to give them a heads up that this young man was on the verge of preparing to do something of a violent manner. I believe that if more of the people that viewed and liked this young man's photos of him holding weapons and of him making death threats on his social media page, would have reported what they witnessed to the FBI or police then maybe the FBI would have started and completed a thorough investigation that could have maybe prevented this tragic event, which could have helped save many innocent lives. The brave people that would have decided to come forward in speaking up and out in allowing themselves to get involved and demanding at the time in 2017 that the FBI conduct a thorough investigation when signs and warnings were revealed publicly by the young man, could have been recognized as Heroes. I do understand that there are some people who do not want to get involved with some situations because of fear for their safety. There are some people who are just satisfied with being in their own little world or little bubble which makes them feel safe, they feel at peace, they feel secure and they feel comfortable enough to live their lives without any major distractions from others, so I guess they mind their own business or do not get involved with other people outside of their families and their loved ones until it hits home. There are some people who only deal with situations when it does hit home or when it is only dearest to them. There are some people who have so much going on in their own personal lives that they don't have time. There are some people who just do not care to get involved. There are some people who just do not care at all about others. And there are some people who do not want to or care to be the one who makes a great difference or impact in the lives of others who may truly need it. This young mans life could have been saved also, but now his life will never ever be the same never ever again because of what he did. Could this have been prevented or stopped long before it even started?

    More information will be revealed as the police and FBI investigate more and more thoroughly and deeply into the life of this young man.

    Also to share a little more about the shooter and his life, both his parents have died, his mom died more recent. He was adopted and was having a hard time coping with the things that have been occurring in his life. Which is all sad. His adopted parents were doing the best that they knew how to help him get through some of the overwhelming challenges and hardships that he was experiencing. They did not know that he purchased weapons and had them in their home. Nor did they know about what he posted on the social media website. So the adopted parents had no clue that this young man would result to this??? Some parents are actually afraid of their children, even though this young man was adopted. It was reported by a neighbor that the police had been to their home several times in the recent past. So the adopted parents had no clue that this young man would result to this??? One of the survivng students that attended the Parkland, Florida High School stated "how can an 18 year old be legally allowed to purchase guns, but can not legally drink at that age". Which this does make sense once you give it a litte thought, if laws are going to be passed in regards to one not being legally allowed to do certain things until a certain age, how about making sure that whatever laws are passed, it all makes sense to pass such a law based on everything being weighed and thought out in a much better way using great wisdom, knowledge and understanding. How about needing several co-signers or several proven and reliable character witnesses when it comes to anyone purchasing any thing and how about taking away the right to bear arms from everyone in the United States of America. How about passing this law in all the states and cities in the U.S. Voice your peaceful, non-violent and wise say in regards to this on-going violent matter. What are the successful wise resolutions to this deadly on-going problem that we continue to face in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave???? The home of the safe..........Do you have any peaceful, non-violent and wise resolutions??? Do not wait until something of this magnitude hits home to finally get involved, because this is what seems to be happening. Let your voice be heard in helping to find resolutions to this on-going violent matter, YES more than one resolution may be needed.

    More information will be revealed as the police and FBI investigate more and more thoroughly and deeply into the life of this young man.

    I have 2 young adult chilren, My 22 year old son (he will be 23 years old on July 24th of this year) is out of high school and is attending college again soon in this month and my 17 year old daughter (she will be 18 years old on February 20th of this year) is in her last year of high school, preparing to go away to college in August of this year of 2018. I have to pray to GOD for their on-going life success and for their daily safety and I must believe that GOD will and has answered my prayers and that He will indeed protect and cover them both or I will have lost my mind worrying. I am so very serious. My parents had 13 children and I only have 2. Both of my parents are still in their right wise and wonderful mindsets. My siblings and I are not all the same, we are all very different and at times hard headed or head strong, stubborn and a bit on the crazy side (lol....sometimes). I am glad that I only have 2 although I wanted 4 at first altogether, but glad that I was given a chance to have 2 very beautiful, smart, intelligent, gorgeous, talented, unique, at times stubborn, at times too outspoken, at times hard headed or head strong, ingenuis, loving, caring, confident, spoiled, peaceful, ambitious and so very amazing children. So very glad that they are mine, but I had to share them to GOD also. I HAVE TO PRAY FOR MY SAFETY ALSO AND BELIEVE THAT I AM PROTECTED AND COVERED DAILY. Of course we can't be involved in doing anything stupid to get ourselves and others into bad, violent and crazy situations. In other words we have to try to make wise decisions daily for the well being of ourselves and others. Not everything can be prevented and is under our control, but there are some things that can be.

    Thank you so very much for visiting, viewing and for reading. Thank you so very much for your on-going support. I greatly appreciate it much.

    Remember to focus on 1st Corinthians 13th chapter which beautifully explains what and how Unconditional LOVE should be expressed and represented.

    Martha Wooden - RYM-TYM host/creator

    leaving you in peace and with much love to you,



    GOD H-E-L-P AMERICA...........

    America is already blessed with plenty of wealth and freedom to do whatever one wants, maybe too much freedom and wealth, because there may be greed, selfishness, evil competitiveness, lack of knowledge, lack of understanding about life and what is expected of us when it comes to our ways of thinking, speaking, doing and being. There may be lack of love and lack of truly understanding about what love truly is and means, lack of peace, lack of sympathy, lack of empathy, lack of compassion, lack of care and concern for one another, lack of integrity, morals and respect for one another. There has been lack in many areas in America. America need serious help, we are suppose to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. Wouldn't you agree........

    I was on the phone talking to my mom on Wednesday which was Valentine's Day February 14, 2018. We talked about all sorts of different things for a couple of hours. While conversating with my mom she mentioned to me about the shooting that occurred on Valentine's Day of 2018 in Parkland, Florida (a suburban city) at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a public school of some 3,000 students. I did not know that this had occurred until when my mom mentioned it. I was out and about and was at the time parked in the parking lot of my daughters High School waiting for my baby girl to come outside after finishing up with her Basketball practice that evening, when my mom mentioned this to me.

    Later that night I looked the tragic incident up on the internet and viewed news videos and read information in regards to what may have occured in Parkland, Florida at this public high school in this small surbuban city. While researching for information, I discovered that Parkland, with a population of 31,000 in 2016, was named Florida's safest city last year, according to one analysis. The south Florida city had seven reported violent crimes and 186 property crimes the previous year, the analysis said. Which was considered to be an extremely low crime rate I suppose, compared to some of the other cities in the state of Florida.

    Shooting rampages seem to be occuring more often now than ever. People are fearing for their safety and for their lives when there is a shooting occuring and when another occurs soon after. When violence occurs regularly this does not give people time to heal from all of the violence happening in different parts of this world, especially in America. Who can feel safe, although we have to try to continue to live in hope and live with always hoping for the very best, for peace even when we do not see the very best happening all around us. Who wants to live and walk in fear. No one does.

    When I take my children to school I expect them to feel and be safe. I also expect for my children to return home safe and sound, not trumatized by something terrible that may have occurred while being in school or away from home. And of course not to never return home again at all. My children are my life and they mean the whole world to me. I pray for their safety all of the time, I have to and I have to also believe that GOD will cover them and protect them. I have to keep calm and try to get rid of any fears that may come to get the best of me when it comes to my children and their saftey. I have to pray and believe that GOD has answered my prayers and then believe that GOD will cover and protect them. I woud be insane if I didn't give this to GOD. I always have discussions with my children about what they can do to stay safe in a time of great need such as this or during any type of crisis or tragedy, along with us praying and believing that whatever they do to stay safe has to work out for their good. We can not always be prepared for the worst and for the unexpected, although I wish so badly that this was not true.

    These students and teachers feared for their lives, this was an out in the opened raged gunman, who is 19-years-of age and was expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons. He is obviously a teen with a troubled life and demeanor. This troubled teenager posted his weapons on a social media website which was on instagram (I believe is the correct social media website according to the news). Also shown on his social media page were people liking what he post which were photos of him holding weapons in his hands and of him making death threats against the police, wanting to kill the police and do whatever else. And no one reported this, everyone who viewed and read what he posted ignored all the signs and just went along with it, crazy isn't it. This is exactly what people do on these social media websites, they like, agree and comment on whatever and anything. It does not matter what people post for whatever their reasons. The inventors of these social media websites do not care, just as long as they make money after money, after money. Such greed and such a great lack of concern for humanities well being.

    Can you imagine anyone fearing for their life during a tragic event, not knowing if they will make it out alive and unharmed. OMG, this is a terrible ordeal to go through, while for many feeling such great panic and fear. When a bad situation does not get any better, it can only get worst. We never truly always know ahead of time or are always forewarned about what is coming and how bad it can end up being or becoming.

    While watching the news videos and while reading the information I can hear the fear in the voices of the ones that talked and shared what happened, what they may have witnessed or experienced during this tragic event. And I could also feel some of the fear that some may have had during this tragic event and it was not at all a great feeling. I cried while watching some of the news videos, while at work. I had to try to restrain my self, which was impossible to do, just so that no one would see me crying.


    Thanks for visiting this website and for reading. I greatly appreciate your support. I hope that you had an amazing Valentine's Day Celebration even if you only had an amazing opportunity to sit at home, cuddled up talking with your special someone or with loved one(s).

    Pray for the U.S. A and for this Universe and please do not forget to focus on I CORINTHIANS 13th chapter - Which speaks with great wisdom about what LOVE truly is.

    Martha Wooden - RYM-TYM creator,

    WIth much love to you

    Stay in love, stay in peace, stay prayerful and stay safe.

  • Have a Merry Christmas in 2017 and a Safe and Happy 2018 New Year!!!!

    Stay Happy and Joyful, Forever Unconditionally Loving, Overflowing in Peace and Abundantly Blessed in this New Year of 2018!!!!


    Hi Everyone, I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was Unforgettable. I cooked for my family. We had Green Been Casserole, Dressing, Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potatos and Gravy, Ham/Turkey, Sweet Potato Pie, Blueberry Pie and Cake Varieties. Yes we had all of that and Yes I ate left overs for so many days after Thanksgiving, I did. I probably gained double digit weight. That food was veeee-ry delicious, good cooking and good eating Martha!

    For Christmas I will cook in a non traditional way, which is something that I have been doing since my children reached there late teenage years. Also I would order gift goodies for my kids and have them separatedly delivered a day before Christmas Eve to our home with their names on them. They would enjoy eating their goodies and compare what each other discovered the other had. And What about those Christmas shaped cookies, I haven't made those in a while for my kids. My mom used to make those cookies for us for Christmas, decorating them beautifully but not beautiful enough to not eat them all up. We would be so wowed by them then quickly eat them all up, so many great child hood memories. My mom would make homemade vanilla icecream also. She would make the icecream in the summer time and during the holidays, so very yummy. Everybody loved my mom's homemade vanilla icecream. I made homemade icecream for my kids, which turned out to be so memorable, special and delicious for them to experience. My daughter Joy always loved to help me make cake, cookies, homemade pizza and some other things when she was younger. Christmas growing up as a child in our home while living in Chicago, Illinois, wasn't about just receiving gifts, but it was about Family, love, being thankful and very grateful, joy and peace. My parents were Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus all year round and not with gift pampering, but by just being 2 of the greatest parents in the world every day, every year all year round non-stop. At one time for many years I thought my parents were perfect, but I had to realize that they are human beings and they can make mistakes also, even though they don't at times think that they may have. Yes they can also be stubborn and filled with much pride at times, but still so very amazing. I shared a lot of the memories I had as a child with my children and also created so many of our very own wonderful, amazing, so very unforgettable and forever cherishable, fun loving memories.

    Children grow up so very fast, so be very sure to cherish every moment with them through out their growth spurt as well as through out their life. I guess I will have to patiently wait for grandchildren, not rushing it, but I can not wait to have little Joy's and little Jerry's to love and spoil rotten. I informed my children that they will never ever be able to keep me out of their childrens lives. Although Joy has already told me that she will not have any kids at all and my son who is Joy's big brother Jerry Jr., doesn't say anything about having kids. He just says, "ahhh mom" whenever I mention my future grandchildren. Although I can not wait, I am not rushing them. They need to find and get to know themselves first, get well established in life and then be at the right place at the right time to have met their soul mate. I would have to approve, because I would know when they truly know that they have met the one.

    Hopefully you are continuing to pray for my dad. He is not as well. Although he is a very strong person and a fighter. He allows nothing to bring him down. What a man! I will have to make my way to Chicago soon to visit with him, hopefully I will be able to at least stay for about 2 weeks. Trying to make arrangements on exactly when. Never ready for him to leave this world although he can not live forever here on earth. When I talked to my mom she sound concerned and a bit overwhelmed. On Wednesday I was feeling extra tired and my body was aching in which I knew that I was feeling this way because I was experiencing feeling what someone else I knew was feeling. This is something that happens to me in which I do not like, but can't control. The next day I felt much better and then gave my mom a call.

    My parents are very Amazing people but are not perfect. I can not imagine how they felt when they lost my 2 siblings, my oldest sister Sherry to breast cancer and one of my younger brothers Matthew to a heart attack. I haven't gotten over their deaths, so I can not imagine my parents feelings towards this. When my sister passed away a day after Thanksgiving Day some years ago, before I got the call from my other big sister that my sister passed away, my big sister Sherry appeared to me and was standing up in front of me saying to me, "Martha you have to go to Chicago, because they need you they need your help because they do not know what they are doing". I did not understand exactly what she meant, but I was happy to see her whole and as her self. She was talking to me just as she herself talks moves her hands and head while talking, was just being herself. Not sure if I still have quite understood what she meant, but the moment I arrived to Chicago for her funeral I was helping out with the obituary, services, program and all other things. I created my sister Sherry's obituary, organized the services for the funeral and layed out a sample program and I also did the same for my brother Matthew when he passed away. I have had to live with my self hoping that my sister Sherry wasn't telling me that I needed to move back to Chicago permanently because I was needed, because I have realized since I have been living here in Arizona that a lot has changed with my family and my parents church. Sometimes I do feel that if I would have stayed maybe things would have turned out different in a much better way. Not saying that my parents haven't been okay, but trying to say that me alone, I was a true blessing while being there, physically in action. Sometimes I do tend to over think some things. My family mean so much to me and forever will. Hopefully I can make the arrangements needed to get to my dad soon to visit with him.

    On December 9, 2017 my daughter Joy Monay Perez had an opportunity to participate in the 5th Annual Glendale Hometown Christmas Parade in Glendale, AZ along with her schools Marching Band. My sweetie is in Marching Band at her school and she is also on the Basketball team. Although the Marching Band season is over, she chose to participate in the Basketball event on that day instead, because she did not want to hear backlash from her basketball coach. Although I was like, "but Joy this is your last year at Thunderbird High School and your last fun event with the Marching Band". Unfornately, her basketball coach won, putting the pressure on my baby girl. I did not appreciate that, because this young lady is very committed and dedicated to everything that she gets involved in.

    And FYI: Do not forget to attend Glendale Glitters this Holiday Season. Wonderful Events, food and Holiday decors. The day after Thanksgiving Holiday Events were fantastico!!!

    Address: N 58th Ave & W Glendale Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

    And make sure that you visit Zoo-Lights Event at the Phoenix Zoo. Wonderful Holiday Decors!!!

    Address: 455 North Galvin Parkway Phoenix, Arizona 85008

    Maybe I will see you here or there.......

    Will share more with you later in another Blog Talk. I have lots more to share. Thanks for visiting this website and for your faithful support.

    Again, Stay Happy and Joyful, Forever Unconditionally Loving, Overflowing in Peace and Abundantly Blessed in this New Year of 2018!!!! Enjoy your feasting!!!

    Martha Wooden

    RYM-TYM and OH, Radio Show Creator and Host

    Much love to you ALL!!!



    Pray for my Father, Pastor Louis Wooden. There was almost a health scare. He was transported and admitted into the hospital at the beginning of last week and was discharged on last Friday and is now back home. He is doing much better than what my sister was telling me, before I got a chance to talk to my Mom. I believe my mom and family panicked at first, then prayed and came together to do whatever needed so that he could relax, rest and eat well as needed in order to recover better. I am so very glad to hear that he is doing much better. I am still getting over my 2 siblings who passed away a few years ago. My oldest sister Sherry Lois Wooden, passed away a day after Thanksgiving Day in I believe the year 2011 (I might have the year incorrect). Sherry battled breast cancer. She will forever be greatly missed and is forever loved. My brother Matthew Wooden, who was 1 year younger than myself, passed away in the month of February 2015 (again, I might have the year incorrect). He died of a heart attack, he was diagnosed with heart disease about 2 years or more prior to his passing. He will forever be greatly missed and is forever loved. I do not believe that I will ever get completely over their passings. 2 amazing people they were, gone too soon.

    My Dad and my Mom just had their 61st wedding anniversary on November 7, 2017. We celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on last year of 2016 in the month of November. It was an elegant extravagant event with a selective amount of friends and family. Not everyone was invited although there were tons of other friends and family that wanted to attend this event. It wasn't a free event, the children paid for the event and invited about 100 people or a little bit more. I will share more about the event at a later time in another Blog Talk posting. LOVE MY PARENTS SO VERY MUCH!!! My dad is very STUBBORN and he is a FIGH----TER! Which is what most of his children inherited from him, especially myself. My Mom is also, her birthday is on September 5th and my Dads birthday is July 16th. 2 very amazing people, who will do anything for anybody. My Mom loves to entertain and cook for it seems 100's of people even to this day, she will still try. Everybody loves her home cooking and baking. My dad swear he can cook, but I don't know because I never ate his cooking. He has always been my number 1 guy until I got married and had my son, then he became the 3rd greatest man in my life. I think that my dad was a bit jealous when he was no longer my #1, but he had no other choice to learn to live with it. My dad is now in second place, because my son comes first now. But I am sure that my Dad doesn't feel like he is the 2nd greatest man in my life, because I live so far away, but always make up for it when I visit, but I do not think this is enough for him. There is a whole lot more that I can share and I will in a much later Blog Talk post.

    As you also see that there has been a lot of violence in the U.S. back to back. I have cried over and over again when finding out about the outrage and the confused and extremely angry mental state of mind that people have been in, which resulted in them taking the innocent lives of many others and then their own lives. Will talk more about this later. PLEASE STAY SAFE, PRAY CONTINUOUSLY FOR YOURSELF AND FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR LOVE ONES. PRAY FOR WORLD PEACE, JOY AND UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!




  • Hello!!!!

    Hello Everyone, hope all is well with you! I know that it has been a while since you have heard from me. There is of course so much that I can share with you. Just being me over and over and over again, at home with my family, at work and any where else I may go or be.

    My daughter Joy Monay Perez is a senior in high school now. She has been a very busy young lady since she has been in school, especially during her entire high school years. Going away to college on next year in the fall, so i have to make adjustments for that. So very proud of this young lady. A natural born leader. I am still trying to keep up with her. And oh my does she keep me busy along with my job. She is busy the entire school year and also in the summer with summer camps that she attends, which only gives her the last 2 weeks of summer break, which is when she actually get to experience or be on her summer break. She gets to go to other parts of Arizona and to other places outside of Arizona every year. So very grateful for the teachers, coaches and mentors that have been placed in her life. She went on prom last school year in her junior year and of course she's going on her senior prom this school year, in which I am so looking forward to. We already know what university she is going to along with other great news. This girl is so organized when it comes to her homework, her involvement in everything. She auditions and trys to be involved in everything, but it is impossible because some things always end up overlapping the other. She can't be in two places at the same time nor is she a machine. But with God's help this young lady keeps it together and is very devoted, is so amazing and is a very outgoing young lady, not afraid to go after and excel in whatever she does. She is very competitive and also a team player. I have to see her off to college on next year, which will be easy and not so easy, but very exciting and something that I am looking forward to doing and will be very proud to do. She could have graduated on last year but she did not want to, so I did not force her to. Excellent grades since being in school from pre-school up to now. She always loved going to school and has not lost that love. So very proud of her. Since this is her last year in high school I am trying to plan some special things with her before she leaves, but i have to try to fit my special plans somewhere in between all of the things that she has going on, GOD HELP ME!! I need a personal assistant or someone to manage some things for Us, like seriously.

    My son calls me momma bear. At first I did not understand why, I guess because sometimes I can be a little slow at figuring some things out, I honestly can admit. He's complimenting me in a very excellent way, in which I greatly appreciate. At least he isn't calling me a stalker mom or whatever else, because I am not that. My children are my joy and my first priority and have always been since before they were born and they will always be. I love seeing my children grow into their own unique selves, I can not stand seeing them not feeling free to be themselves (in respectful ways of course ) at all times no matter who they are around and no matter where they are at. I am one of those moms that would talk about anything with my kids and I make sure that they understand loud and clear that they can feel comfortable and free to come to me to talk to me about anything. They are still learning to what degree they can share with mom no matter what it is and no matter what they think or believe moms reaction may be. I came from a very strict religious back ground but I did not want very strict or should I say the same type of strictness for my children, because children will try to sneak around and lie about what is really going on with them or in their minds. I am a strict mom when it is very important to be and when it comes to certain things that children may try to slip pass you or try to get away with. I do pay close attention to my children no matter how busy I may get with other things. I asked them questions on top of questions when I feel the need to do so and I expect them to respond, although sometimes they hesitate to. I love my children so very much, they are my ray of sunshine. Everything I do and every decision I make revolves around them. I do not know how to be a selfish mom. I have to see them through their life journey and I will as long as I am living here on this earth. I will continue to teach and assist them whenever and where ever truly needed, encourage them, motivate them, support them, love them and let them go and grow into their own unique selves, learning how to live a great life in a not always fair and even at times hateful and chaotic world, but so very beautifully created by GOD for us to greatly love, enjoy and live in peace among and with each other. Know who you are and be just that in a respectful way, love on you and be confident in you with out needing validation or approval from anyone else.

    I always have so much to share. But I have to stop right here for now. Will share more with you again soon. Thank you for reading and for visiting this inspirational website. Although I have not shared anything on my blog nor have I changed any of the videos and other things on this website in a while my view count has tremendously increased and it continues to day. Much thanks to you all of my contiuous visitors for being faithful and much thanks to the new visitors. You all are greatly appreciated, much thanks for your support. Love you all very much.

    I will continue to share.........I will meet you here again, but until next time, I leave you in peace.

    Martha Wooden


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