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Your RYM-TYM Host is Martha Wooden. A Follower of Jesus Christ, helping to Promote the name of Jesus, Everywhere! 

The Mission is to Go into all the world, (by any means neccessary) and share the gospel with every creation.  Mark 16:15

Proclaiming Jesus, telling others about Christ; warning everyone with all the wisdom God has given. Presenting everyone to God, presenting them perfect (blameless) (or mature) in the relationship to Christ.

Thank you for visiting RYM-TYM, ENJOY!  Remember every new creation in Christ has an assignment given to them by God, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost. Meaning: when you accept Christ into your life by opening up your heart and recieving Him as your personal Lord and Savior and you understand the ways of God while learning about Him, share what you have learned and greatly understand with others so that they too will decide to accept Christ into their lives (into their open hearts).

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This website has not been created nor is it intended to form a cult, form a church, nor to brain wash you or cause hate, rage or violence in anyone against anyone else. Neither has this website been created nor is it intended to pass judgment upon anyone or to condemn anyone (not to make anyone feel guilty, bad, angry or sad). Neither are the contents that are written in this website meant to offend anyone in any way, but RYM-TYM's creation, existence, establishment, mission and true intentions using the shared videos, shared music, shared radio shows and the shared written contents that are added on this website are created, permitted and submitted only to share and deliver an uncompromised message of Love, Hope, Peace, Joy and Inspiration to ALL. For ALL that are freely willing to view, read and hear whatever is posted on this site, while visiting this website. This is by your OWN FREE WILL. Let us allow GOD to be the Judge over ALL. God is ALL Love, He's Honest, He's Just, He's Merciful, He is very Fair and He is not the Author of Confusion, but He is a GOD of GREAT LOVE and PEACE. THIS IS THE KIND OF GOD RYM-TYM IS EXTREMELY PROUD AND VERY GRATEFUL TO GET TO KNOW MORE AND MORE ABOUT AND RYM-TYM HOPE THAT YOU WILL DECIDE TO FREELY OPEN UP YOUR HEART and MIND TO DO THE SAME.

Remember, For the LORD is good; his mercy endureth for ever; and his faithfulness is unto ALL GENERATIONS - Psalms 100:5.

Please Make sure that you are visiting this website for the right positive reasons. Grasping strongly and taking in all that is good and fruitful, just and right, positive, hopeful, transforming and renewing, loving, peaceful and inspirational, so that for goodness sake you effectively gain a permanent life changing experience, made complete and whole in all areas of your lives for the rest of your lives. Trust, believe, recieve and always know that GOD is covering you from every angle, no matter what happens in your life, the expected OR unexpected, no matter what life can at times seem like, look like or may actually be like. Try not to let the issues of life nor the issues of others weigh you down. Freely Enjoy the LIFE that has been Given to YOU. MAKE YOUR LIFE COUNT IN A BIG WAY....

Take time out to read RYM-TYM's Blogs, feel free and at eased to give your comments where ever permitted, Rym-Tym will love to hear from you. Also feel free to share this website with others. RYM-TYM Greatly Appreciates and Love YOU. Much Thanks to you for your sincere and faithful support!

Come on and Give GOD the Glory

ROMANS 12:1-2
"It is Renewing Your Mind TYM!"

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